Caddy Shack Omaha

March Madness 2018
March Madness March 15 – April 2 At The Caddy Shack Sports Bar & Grill, join us for March Madness 2018! With surrounding TVs you’ll be able to watch every upset, every buzzer beater, and every diaper dandy while crowning college basketball’s national champion. From the first tip-off, Caddy Shack will feature every NCAA basketball game that will be on during the tournament. Every day that March Madness is on you’ll be able to take advantage of our specials. And for those moments when your bracket is finally busted, you’ll be able
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Bushwood Lounge Bar Corporate Event
Corporate events are an important part of human and public relations for all businesses since they facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce stress and allow workers to know each other outside of the office. However, hosting a corporate business event can be a daunting task. Making it successful is even more challenging. Whether you’re an amateur planning your first major event or are merely trying to clue yourself in to keep up with the event organizer, the tips below are essential to throwing a memorably successful event. Tips To Hosting
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Super Bowl Specials
Super Bowl LII has arrived, and even though the Omaha area doesn’t have a real rooting interest — OK, fine, rooting for the Tom Brady & the Patriots to lose 🙂 – that doesn’t mean you can’t get together with a bunch of friends and enjoy the game. Especially if drinks and chicken wings are involved. While anecdotal evidence indicates most people flock together to watch the game at someone’s house, there are plenty of options in the area for anybody looking to catch the Patriots and Eagles in a bar atmosphere.
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