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2017 Holiday Events in Omaha
We anticipate the holidays so much each year that they often flash by in a blur of family, food and celebrations. This year, we want to help make your holiday a little easier. Check out our list of events and shows in the area to help you find family friendly events in the area, and most importantly, pack your holidays with unforgettable moments. 2017 Holiday Events in Omaha Story Time With Santa @ Village Pointe Santa will read a holiday story to kids on Tuesdays in December from 10:30am – 11:30am
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blackout Wednesday
Wednesday night isn’t just Thanksgiving Eve, it is also one of the most anticipated and celebrated bar nights of the entire year. Also referred to as Blackout Wednesday or Black Wednesday, Drinksgiving has likely been around for decades, but it didn’t get much recognition until around 2007, when the catchy term was coined. Thanksgiving is truly an event all its own. The key to feeling the full effects of its majesty, however, lies in celebrating it where you grew up, because that’s the only acceptable way to do it. Why is Blackout
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Bill Moos athletic Director
Who is the 66-year-old, whoUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln chancellor Ronnie Green said rose to the top of a group of candidates that included several sitting athletic directors from Power 5 conference schools? This is Moos’s fourth stop as an athletic director, and at his age, it’ll likely be his last. That could be good for Nebraska. The Huskers likely won’t be losing him to another school because that school would likely be on the hook for Moos until his mid-70s. Bill Moos Background William H. Moos spent his seven years at
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