Caddy Shack Omaha

Fantasy Football Draft Party
At Caddy Shack Omaha and Caddy Shack West, we know how much fans love their Fantasy Football.  That’s why we’re going to great lengths to make the process even more fun and accommodating for your group.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to meet and draft your picks, or getting together with fellow fans for the games each weekend, no one does Fantasy Football events like your friends at Caddy Shack Bar & Grill! Hosting Your Fantasy Football Draft Party At Caddy Shack Bar & Grill In Omaha After hours
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Beer Health Benefits
Feeling guilty about drinking a beer or two? Well DON’T! Moderate beer consumption is actually good for you. Science has shown that beer can bring many surprising health benefits even though it’s usually perceived as unhealthy. According to a study from the American Society of Human Genetics, drinking one to two alcoholic beverages a day isn’t a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing. Just remember, we’re talking moderate consumption (one drink per day for women, and up to two for men), not all-night drinking sprees. Here Are A Few Amazing Beer Health Benefits
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Pizza Facts
No matter where you live, how you were brought up, and what age you are, chances are, you love pizza. Pizza is America’s favorite food for a reason—because it’s delicious. Although it may not be the most nutritious meal out there, it has stolen the hearts of just about everyone. Random Pizza Facts You Need To Know Think pizza is just crust, sauce, and cheese? Think again. There are loads of things that you may not know about this pie. Take a look at our collection of facts about pizza
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